At Duncan-Nulph Hearing Associates, we do a lot more than fit hearing devices. Our Complete Hearing Health Care Program is a great way to make sure that your devices remain in peak performance.

Free Batteries For Life

At Duncan-Nulph Hearing Associates, we provide batteries for the life of your devices at no additional charge. Batteries cost about $1.00 each and typically last for about 7-10 days. With two hearing aids worn daily, yearly costs can average around $110. Over the typical lifespan of an aid – around 5 years – this is a savings of over $550!

Free Follow-Ups And Fittings

In addition to providing free batteries for the life of your hearing instruments, we do not charge for any of the fitting and follow up fees associated with your devices. We encourage 6 month follow-up appointments for free cleaning and adjustments of your devices. All hearing instruments are fit with manufacturer warranties that allow the aids to be serviced at the manufacturer for up to 3 years.

Personal Guidance From Friendly Staff

These services are a main reason why we have been able to create long-term relationships with our patients and the friends and family they often refer to us. We also know that these services are why our patients are successful with amplification.

Making the decision to move forward with amplification is not a one-stop process. It is important to involve family and friends in the process as their perspective is valuable and they also benefit from your ability to hear well again. Over the course of your journey to better hearing, you will have many contacts with the entire office and fitting staff. You should feel confident that we know how to best address your hearing needs, and you should feel that you are treated with respect and dignity. While the style and brand you choose is important, what matters most is the provider you choose!